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        How to become Siaecosys/QS Motor Distributor?

        1. Basic Requirement for Dealer:

        1.1 the Buyer’s Business License, Tax Number, Company name, Phone, Website, and some pictures of shop are necessary.
        Within the information, the Parties are able to sign the Dealer Contract, offer a better price as a normal distributor, and become business partners.
        1.2 The Buyer shall show The Seller’s Certification of Authorization in store or website.
        1.3 The Buyer’s store signboard need to show “Siaecosys”.
        1.4 The Buyer should pay USD10,000 deposit after sign the Dealer Contact, the deposit can be used for the payment of order.
        1.5 The Buyer agrees to use all reasonable endeavors to promote the sale of the products and bear all cost of the promotion (in case of making motors under the Seller’s trade mark).
        1.6 The Buyer have obligation to serve customers, including pre-sale and after-sale issues, to maintain Siaecosys/QS Motor brand.
        1.7 The Buyer should have ability to solve some after-sales problems.
        1.8 To avoid price competition, for the sale price, seller has right to give a lowest sales price, but buyer can’t sell the products below the lowest price.
        1.9 To avoid price competition, seller can provide buyer wholesale price for mass production, but buyer can’t sell the
        Products to the retail customer with the wholesale price.

        2. PAYMENT:

        2.1 The Buyer should pay USD10,000 as deposit. After receiving the deposit and under the guarantee of MOQ 100 pcs, the
        Buyer will enjoy the dealer’s price.

        2.2 For order with price below USD10,000, the Buyer has to pay the 100%TT before production.
        2.3 For order with price above USD10,000, the Buyer has to pay the 30%TT before production, and 70%TT before the delivery of the products.
        2.4 For the quotation, please see the attachment “Price List”


        3.1 The production period of the order will be strictly in accordance with agreed(which mentioned on the PI) date.
        In case of late delivery, both parties agreed that the rate of penalty will be charged at 0.5% of the price of the products which are
        not delivered on time for every seven days. Odd days less than seven days should be counted as seven days. The Penalty,
        however, shall not exceed 5% of the total value of the goods involved in the late delivery.
        3.2 All the price is EXW Taizhou.


        4.1 In the future, if the material floating price comparing with the price on paid date change no more than ±5%, the quotation will not be changed;
        if the material floating price comparing with the price on paid date change more than ±5%, the price will be renegotiated by both of the parties.
        4.2 In the future, if the current RMB price of the US dollar comparing with the price on paid date is changed within ±0.15,
        the quotation is no change; if the current RMB price of the US dollar comparing with the price on paid date is out of the ±0.15, the price will be renegotiated by both of the parties (refer to Bank of China).
        4.3 The Seller can provide dealer price include QS motor, VOTOL controller and VOTOL speedometer, Sabvoton controller, CT-22 speedometer...,
        Some parts like Kelly controller, far driver controller we could not provide sealer price, pls check with seller.

        5. THE RIGHT OF BUYER:

        5.1 The Buyer has the right to get the price support from The Seller.
        5.2 In __ market , The Buyer has production priority compare with other customers.
        5.3 The Seller shall help the Buyer to ship goods to the Buyer’s customers directly if the Buyer has such requirement.
        5.4 The Seller will provide corresponding technical assistance supports, such as technical support by remote control, providing technical document and ect.
        5.5 The Seller will provide the Buyer relevant documents, such as publicity pictures, original pictures, drawing, specification and ect.
        5.6 The Seller will inform the Buyer about the new products first.
        5.7 The Seller may also help to advertise the Buyer as our dealer, for example show the Buyer’s store or website on the Seller’s official website.
        5.8 The Seller shall provide the Buyer some spare parts like hall sensor, for each order the Seller can provide 1% hall sensors.

        6. WARRANTY:

        6.1 The Seller shall guarantee that the products which the Seller has undertaken to provide under this Contract are of good quality, represent good practice within the industry.
        6.2 The warranty period for Products is 1 year & 3 months from the production date, not including destructive test or artificial damage on products.
        6.3 In the event that products that have been delivered prove to be defective and/or have shortcomings, the Seller will provide the technical assistance online or by telephone within two working days.
        The Seller shall provide free accessories or products in the next mass order.

        7. FORCE MAJEURE:

        7.1 Neither party shall be liable in any manner for failure or delay upon fulfillment of all or part of this Agreement, directly or indirectly owing to acts of God, government restriction, war, warlike conditions, epidemics, fires, riots, strikes, floods, accidents or any other causes of circumstances beyond either party’s control.

        8. BANK CHARGES:

        8.1 All bank charges outside China will be on the account of the Buyer.


        The term of contract is one year from date of signing, the seller has right to terminate the contract when the dealer have any behavior to destruction Siaecosys/QS MOTOR reputation.

        10. DURATION :

        Duration. This Contract will come into effect from the effective date signed by mutual written agreement of the Parties.
         The Contract shall automatically terminate upon the expiration of the one year term unless otherwise renewed by mutual consent of both parties evidenced by written notice.

        11. OTHER:

        This is not an exclusive dealer contract, Siaecosys/QS motor could also sell in __ market.
        All the pictures or files that provide to buyer will with logo of QS or SIA.
        All the pictures that will be made by the Buyer are owned by him and can be used without QS or SIA Logo.

        12. List of existing dealers:
        Please find detailed info from below link:

        Customer Service
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